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On this page, we, the “experts” will give you feedback on how good your team is. Specifically, what areas you are strong in and which areas are particularly weak. All you need to do is leave a reply on this page with the following information:

  • # of teams in your league
  • Scoring settings (default, ppr, IDP, etc)
  • Your draft position
  • And of course, your players

10 Responses

  1. 16 teams in my league
    PPR league
    Salary cap League

    Aaron Rogers (QB)
    Maurice Jones-Drew (RB)
    Ladanian Tomlinson (RB)
    Larry Fitzgerald (WR/TE)
    Jason Witten (WR/TE)
    Devin Hester (WR/TE)
    Ryan Longwell (Kicker)
    Vikings (Def and Special Teams)

    • What kind of cap did your league set? Seems pretty high considering you have the consensus #1 WR (although not in my opinion), two of the top 5 RBs, one of the top 3 QBs, the best TE, one of the best defenses. I doubt you ever lose to anyone with a team like this.

  2. Heyo — my first PPR league — i had first pick
    PPR w/Flex WR/RB

    12 team league:
    QB Cutler
    RB A. Peterson
    RB R. Bush
    WR Calvin Johnson
    WR Brandon Marshall
    TE Jeremy Shockey
    W/R Devin Hester
    Def. Ravens
    K Mason Crosby
    Lee Evans, Earnest Graham, Cedric Benson, Torry Holt, Jason Campbell, Joey Galloway

    • Hey,

      Good job not botching the first pick and taking MJD or something. I am assuming you got Calvin and Marshall in rounds 2 and 3, or maybe you have made a trade, because that is great value on Calvin at pick 24, but not so great on Marshall at 25. Reggie Bush is so undervalued in PPR its gross, especially now that Pierre will be out week 1. I don’t really like starting a WR at a flex spot, even in PPR. And even though I love Hester as a big sleeper this year with Cutler in town.

      You should be one of the better teams in the league at WR, as well at your top 2 RB. However, you have veryy little depth at RB. Look to improve this via trade. Don’t trade Marshall right now because his value is as low as it will ever be. Wait until after week 2, when Marshall puts up his usual big numbers, and trade him to someone that has a struggling RB. Look for Pierre Thomas, his owner will get very scared once he hasn’t put up the round 2-type numbers that he was projected. Plus that is good insurance in case Bush goes down. If by week 2, Pierre hasn’t recovered from his injury, pick up Mike Bell before anyone can.

  3. PPR League
    14 Teams
    2nd Pick

    QB – Eli Manning, Matt Cassel
    RB – Mojo Drew, Stephen Jackson, Cedric Benson, Leon Washington, Fred Taylor, James Davis
    WR – Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Lance Moore, Ted Ginn Jr.,
    TE – Antonio Gates
    Def – NY Giants
    K – Robbie Gould

    • Sorry, forgot to mention, we play with a flex – RB/WR/TE, I think I’ll be using Benson….

    • Thats what I love about the getting a top 3 pick this year; you will almost always be able to get 2 stud RBs and a stud WR. Although I’m not sure I understand what the rest of you league was doing letting S Jax fall to the late 2nd round (unless you made a trade for him). Anyways, Obviously you are very strong at RB, top to bottom, especially considering its a PPR league. Your WRs are atleast average for a 14 team league, which is fine considering your talent at RB. Your QBs are no good, but hopefully it is a 1-start QB league and you can pick and choose week by week who will get the start based on match up. And obviously you are sitting pretty in the other 3 positions TE/Def/K.

      In your flex spot, I see Leon Washington as you best option, by far. Don’t even think about starting Benson here over Washington. Rex Ryan has made it clear on his plans for increased use of Leon this year, possibly even moving him to the top of the depth chart.

      If I were in this league and this was my squad I would be very pleased. After the first few weeks of the season, look to package James Davis and Vincent Jackson for an upgrade at WR. Brandon Marshall is a very cheap option right now. You might even be able to get him straight for James Davis + Lance Moore.

  4. 12 teams in league
    PPR league

    Phillip Rivers (QB)
    Chris Johnson (RB)
    Cedric Benson (RB)
    Steve Smith (WR)
    Eddie Royal (WR)
    Antionio Gates (WR/TE)
    Nate Kaeding (Kicker)
    Colts (Def and Special Teams)

    (Eli Manning, Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith (NYG), (((Michael Crabtree)))

    • Your top 2 picks must have been Johnson and Smith, and you probably had the last pick. Considering you picked smith, that means there were probably 4 WR already taken, leaving me to believe there were better options at RB. Or maybe you had the 8th pick or something and took Chris Johnson wayyy too high. I dont like him this year, certainly not a first round back. But I do love Smith. Royal is huge in PPR leagues, and I bet you got Pierre Thomas pretty cheaply.

      To put it simply, I lvoe every position you have covered except RB. Benson is a dead horse and Johnson is overrated, as you saw tonight against the Steelers. Please trade Chris Johnson for someone like Steve Slaton, then you can plug Pierre Thomas and Steve Slaton in every week, that is deadly, considering how strong you are in other areas.

  5. Who should I start at flex tomorrow? Cedric Benson, Lance Moore, Ted Ginn, Leon Washington, Fred Taylor, James Davis?

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