Broncos looking for Harris + 1st round pick for Marshall

marshallA source within the Denver front office says that the Broncos would be willing to part with top wide out Brandon Marshall if the Jets were to give up ILB David Harris plus a 2010 first round pick. (rotoworld)


Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

Top 10 PPR Draft Strategies for 2009

Every year I gather with some old high school buddies to do our annual PPR draft, often titled “Mashin”, and every year I come out of the draft with exactly who I wanted, no matter what my draft position, because I have a set strategy going into the night. We have completed four seasons in this league, seldom changing any managers, and I have finished 2nd, 1st, 1st, and 2nd, respectively. We start 2 QB, 4 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 K, and 6 IDP in this PPR league. I have decided to go against my better judgment and make my top 10 strategies for 2009 known publicly. Lets get started.

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PPR Player Rankings: Running Back

Ranks:  QB RB WR TE

Nothing is more the standard of fantasy football than the stud running back. Each year the top RBs will be taken before the best of any position and that will likely never change. No position has more fluctuation at the top all the adrian-petersonway through the bottom. Everyone’s QB/WR/TE rankings will be at least somewhat similar, but RB will usually have some differentiation, even #1. However, the top running back this year should be the same on every board…

1) Adrian Peterson, Min

2) Matt Forte, Chi

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PPR Player Rankings: Quarterback

Ranks:  QB RB WR TE

Quarterback is by far the deepest position this year but value-wise, it’s difficult to distinguish one from another.  In terms of quality, you will not find a draft with this many quality options and it is always a safe option to wait and steal an upper-mid range QB in the later rounds.  But beware, many fantasy owners get trigger happy seeing so many top quarterbacks and they will be gone before you know it, leaving you to choose from my list of top-rated back-up QB’s.  Here is a guide to help you along the way; we will get a bit controversial right off the bat…

Tier 1_________________________tom-brady

1.  Tom Brady

2.  Drew Brees

3.  Aaron Rodgers

4.  Peyton Manning

Tier 2_________________________

5.  Matt Schaub

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PPR Player Rankings: Wide Receivers

Ranks:  QB RB WR TE

Wide outs become increasingly important in PPR format. Just check out my PPR Draft Strategies for more details about the importance of getting top talent at WR early in your draft. This is what you can expect a PPR draft to look like; as you can see, wide receivers’ draft stock rises in the PPR format. By now, you all know my love for the Patriots and every player on that roster, but I will do my best to avoid over valuing the two main WRs in New England. Lets get started.

Tier 1_________________________randy_moss280

1) Randy Moss, NE   (oops)

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Back-up Rankings: QB’s


In a game where injuries can happen at any given moment, it is important to  identify players who could benefit from injuries to their superiors.  The Quarterback position is the hardest to predict because there are so many factors to consider in selecting your player.  Identifying the top back-up Quarterbacks is even more difficult.  Who will be next years Tyler Thigpen or Matt Cassel?

Below I have listed 8 back-ups I believe could possess value to fantasy owners alike.  Players are selected based on stability of the starting QB, injury risk of starting QB, ability of the back-up QB and overall offensive situation.

1.  Matt Leinart (Ari) –  With 38 year-old Kurt Warner coming off of hip-surgery, back-up QB Matt Leinart tops our list as the most valuable back-up QB.  He has been outstanding this pre-season, leading all QB’s in passing yards with 517.  He is also boasting 3 TD’s to 1 INT, and a 97.3 QB rating.

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PPR Player Rankings: Tight End

Ranks:  QB RB WR TE

Today we are going to look at one of the lesser positions in fantasy, Tight End, and attempt to rank the players. The top 7 or 8 shouldn’t surprise you, and the bottom half is just a crap shoot.



1) Jason Witten, Dal

2) Antonio Gates, SD

3) Tony Gonzalez, Atl

4) Dallas Clark, Ind

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