Experts PPR League Draft Results

Eight experts from around the fantasy football community gathered tonight to take part in the second annual EXPERTS PPR LEAGUE draft. Alex Mogren from the Oregonian is Team 1 (#1 pick), Daniel Sheppard from The Daily Emerald is Team 2, Chris Rosenthal from is Team 3, Brad Terada from Fantasy Forte is Team 4, Maggie Doherty from the San Jose Bee is Team 5, Matthew Goodspeed from Real Time Fantasy is Team 6, Jacob Oguchi from Canyon News is Team 7, and Nick Miller (yours truly) from Fantasy Forte is Team 8.

The settings are simple, each team starts: 2 QBs, 4 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Defense. 30 passing yards = 1 point. 15 receiving yards = 1 point. 10 rushing yards = 1 point. 30 return yards = 1 point. Interception = -2. Fumble = -2. All touchdowns are worth 6 points. And of course PPR.

Click here to see how the draft went compared to my Big Board

Lets get to it.


Round 1

1) Adrian Peterson, RB, Min

2) Matt Forte, RB, Chi

3) Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jac

4) Steven Jackson, RB, StL

5) LaDanian Tomlinson, RB, SD

6) Steve Slaton, RB, Hou

7) Michael Turner, RB, Atl

8.) Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Ari

RBs dominated this round, like every draft, as should be the case. I agree with almost every pick in the round, so there is not much analysis to do. Team 7 picked Michael Turner about 1 full round where I would, but the consensus is that he is a top 5 pick, so Team 7 must have been ecstatic to get him that late in the round. But in PPR, I still feel like there were better option at RB; and certainly a WR would have been a better choice. I took my own advice, selecting the first WR, Fitzgerald, as the last pick in round 1. With the way the first 6 picks went, I could tell the others either looked at my Cheat Sheet, or they have the same basic philosophy as me. I’ve seen enough drafts to know that when I am drafting with people that actually have a clue, the best strategy is to fill my roster with superstar WRs early and often, as they are the most desired assets in post-draft trading.

Worst Pick: Turner. I just don’t like him in PPR format

Best Pick: I like the balls that team 2 showed taking Fantasy Forte’s designated ambassador instead of popular pick MJD.


Round 2

1) Randy Moss, WR, NE

2) Andre Johnson, WR, Hou

3) Frank Gore, RB, SF

4) Chris Johnson, RB, Ten

5) Steve Smith, WR, Car

6) DeAngelo Williams, RB, Car

7) Calvin Johnson, WR, Det

8.) Tom Brady, QB, NE

With the first pick in round 2 of the Expert PPR League Draft, I make my easiest selection of the night. As far as I am concerned, Moss has everything in place to be the best fantasy WR by a decent margin this year. And if that’s not enough, I love the Patriots. Three other receivers go off the board this round, validating my first 2 picks. Pairing Gore with Slaton makes for a very difficult tandem to beat for team 6. The only part of this round I disagree with, is team 5 taking Chris Johnson over DeAngelo. Last year DeAngelo was the #1 scorer with these settings, and now that Stewart is dealing with a messed up Achilles, DeAngelo’s stock only looks more promising. The first QB of the draft was taken in this round with the last pick, I can’t argue; having the best RB and the best QB is a good start to a draft.

Worst Pick: Chris Johnson. Like I said earlier, DeAngelo was the clear better choice if you wanted a running back here

Best Pick: Randy Moss. Clearly a genius pick. With my strategy to get as many top WRs as possible, taking my second one at #9 proved to be psychic, as 7 wide outs were taken before my next pick.


Round 3

1) Reggie Wayne, WR, Ind

2) Brian Westbrook, RB, Phi

3) Greg Jennings, WR, GB

4) Anquan Boldin, WR, Ari

5) Roddy White, WR, Atl

6) Drew Brees, QB, NO

7) Marion Barber, RB, Dal

8.) Marques Colston, WR, NO

The biggest development that jumps off the page in this round was the number of WR taken (5), although most of them were taken right where I have them on my Cheat Sheet. I don’t like Wayne over all three of Jennings, Boldin, White, but I don’t feel like that was too much of leap to consider a bad pick.

Worst Pick: If I had to give out a ‘worst pick’ label for this round, I guess I would have to give it to myself. I’m not too big on Colston, especially considering I already have 2 WR and Elite RBs are becomming scarce. If I could do it over again, I would have selected Kevin Smith here.

Best Pick: Team 5 has my favorite pick of this round. Not taking Roddy White here would have left him with a WR1 of likely Housh or Roy Williams, and in an 8-team PPR league, you just can’t let that happen (cough… team 6… cough).


Round 4

1) Wes Welker, WR, NE

2) Dwayne Bowe, WR, KC

3) TJ Houshmandzadeh, WR, Sea

4) Peyton Manning, QB, Ind

5) Kevin Smith, RB, Det

6) Roy Williams, WR, Dal

7) Desean Jackson, WR, Phi

8.) Brandon Jacobs, RB, NYG

The WR onslaught continues. At the conclusion of this round, more WR have been taken (15) than RB(14). As much of a fan I am of taking WR early in PPR leagues, at this point in a draft, you can not be selecting players like DeSean Jackson 31st overall, when players like Pierre Thomas and Clinton Portis are still on the board. I know team 2 already had two RBs at the time, but he should have been thinking about what Clinton could return in a trade; certainly more than DeSean.

Worst Pick: DeSean.

Best Pick: Team 4 makes its 4th solid pick in a row with Kevin Smith 29th overall, he’s the no doubt BPA.


Round 5

1) Vincent Jackson, WR, SD

2) Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB

3) Pierre Thomas, RB, NO

4) Philip Rivers, QB, SD

5) Brandon Marshall, WR, Den

6) Terrell Owens, WR, Buf

7) Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ind

8.) Clinton Portis, RB, Was

Another round dominated by WRs. My pick this round was the point I knew that I had already won the league. After waiting until round 5 to take a running back, I was still left with fantasy horse Clinton Portis and PPR stud Reggie Bush; not bad considering my WR staff is leaps and bounds ahead of any other teams’. Now is the time of the draft I can sit back and watch the other managers fumble around to fill their starting spots with the scraps I have left them at WR, while I take the extreme value pick RBs that are left.

Worst Pick: Vincent Jackson at 33? Yuck. What has he proven at this point in his career to warrant such a high pick? Ahead of guys like Marshall and T.O… I know he’s 6’5”, but 33 is too big of a reach. Team 1 needed a better WR2 than Vincent, and players were still there.

Best Pick: I don’t want to keep tooting my own horn with the best picks (clinton portis at #40!) so I wont. I definitely like Pierre Thomas at 35. He showed us last year that he can piggy back a fantasy team for many many games in this potent offense.


Round 6

1) Reggie Bush, RB, NO

2) Kurt Warner, QB, Ari

3) Ronnie Brown, RB, Mia

4) Ray Rice, RB, Bal

5) Ryan Grant, RB, GB

6) Braylon Edwards, WR, Cle

7) Eddie Royal, WR, Den

8.) Chad Ocho Cinco, WR, Cin

This was the first round since round 1 that more Running Backs were taken than Receivers. Reggie Bush fell into my lap at #41. With Warner taken, big time QBs are getting scarce, and since we have to play 2 QBs per week, if you dont have one by now, you are in rough shape there.

Worst Pick: Ray Rice is a bit of a reach at #45, but it’s not the end of the world for team 5.

Best Pick: After Clinton, this has to be the steal of the draft. Ronnie Brown is pulling away from Ricky Williams in the Miami backfield, and also pulling away from his torn ACL in 2007. Now only if your receivers weren’t such garbage, team 6.


Round 7

1) Jason Witten, TE, Dal

2) Antonio Gates, TE, SD

3) Tony Romo, QB, Dal

4) Darren McFadden, RB, Oak

5) Antonio Bryant, WR, TB

6) Santonio Holmes, WR, Pit

7) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Buf

8.) Donovan McNabb, QB, Phi

It’s official, there are no more star QBs left after this round. But luckily, everyone has one by now. Our first two TE were taken with the first and second picks in this round. Like I said in my rankings, I would only take one TE in the top 50, Witten; which is what basically happened in this draft.

Worst Pick: Considering team 2 needed a third RB to start, Antonio Gates was not the best option here; especially with Mcfadden still on the board. Not too many bad picks in this round.

Best Pick: Waiting until #56 to select your first QB is dangerous when you need to start 2 QBs, but getting McNabb here is pure gold. I am a genius.


Round 8

1) Knowshon Moreno, RB, Den

2) Matt Schaub, QB, Hou

3) Hines Ward, WR, Pit

4) Devin Hester, WR, Chi

5) Lee Evans, WR, Buf

6) Joseph Addai, RB, Ind

7) Larry Johnson, RB, KC

8.) Chris Wells, RB, Ari

By now, most teams have filled their starting lineups with RBs, WRs, and QBs. A fairly diverse round in terms of positions taken. This is the time of the draft, when all the sure things are gone, and it’s time to take some chances on risky ‘big-upside’ players. I like the Moreno and Hester picks for those reasons. Both could turn out to pay serious dividends. But more likely, they will both be underwhelming.

Worst Pick: Team 1 took Chris Wells. A back that might not see 100 carries this season. With Thomas Jones and decent QBs like Palmer and Cutler, I do not like the lame pick of Wells at 64.

Best Pick: With QBs dwindling, I like Schaub at 58. When healthy, he is capable of putting up numbers like Rivers… when healthy.


Round 9

1) Lance Moore, WR, NO

2) Kevin Walter, WR, Hou

3) Donald Driver, WR, GB

4) Santana Moss, WR, Was

5) Tony Gonzalez, TE, Atl

6) Dallas Clark, TE, Ind

7) Matt Ryan, QB, Atl

8.) Carson Palmer, QB, Cin

4 receivers jumped right off the board to start the round, each of which have some value. But not as much vallue as the other 4 picks of the round. Tony Gonzalez and Dallas Clark at 69 and 70 respectively is great value. Matt Ryan and Carson Palmer finishing the round off are great picks in a league where QBs have more value than a traditional league.

Worst Pick: The first 4 picks, all WRs. Each of these teams had one more spot to fill at WR and QB. And given what was available, I would have gone with a QB. Taking a QB here would net you probably Matt Ryan and Derrick Mason to fill your roster. Would you rather have that combo, or Donald Driver and Joe Flacco? Give me the former.

Best Pick: I love the value pick of Gonzo at 69.


Round 10

1) Jonathan Stewart, RB, Car

2) Derrick Mason, WR, Bal

3) Jay Cutler, QB, Chi

4) Ben Roethlisberger, QB, Pit

5) Fred Jackson, RB, Buf

6) Joe Flacco, QB, Bal

7) Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Sea

8.) Thomas Jones, RB, NYJ

4 QBs taken this round, and like i mentioned earlier, these teams probably waited one round too long to fill their QB2. Now you are stuck with Flacco or Roethlisberger instead of Ryan or Cutler; Donal Driver is not worth that downgrade.

Worst Pick: Picking Flacco as QB2 was a ridiculous choice with Hasselbeck still on the board. I like Hasselback to return to his 2007 form after a 2008 filled with injuries. Hasselbeck and Housh could hook up for 90 catches and 9 TDs.

Best Pick: Thomas Jones at 80 jumps off the page screaming “VALUE”. He wont do nearly as good this year with the departure of Favre and emergence of Leon Washington, but at pick 80, there is no risk for this top 10 back from 2008.


Rounds 11-18

I wont go into too much detail about these picks, as most of them were Defenses, Kickers, and handcuffs.

Worst Picks: Everyone that let Lendale White slip to #107, Especially Team 5 with Chris Johnson. This is a must-handcuff; far more important than Josh Morgan and Rashard Mendenhall.

Best Picks: LeSean McCoy at 95 is brilliant, especially when you have Westbrook. Leon Washington at #109 is also great valaue for team 4.

Props to the entire league for not taking a kicker until the final round. Kickers are far too random to use up picks with.


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