PPR Big Board

This is a list of the top 100 players I feel should be taken (in order) in a PPR draft. This is basically my PPR version of Brandon Funston’s “Big Board”

By: Nick M

the one


6 Responses

  1. Your rankings and cheatseats don’t match up.

    • as they shouldn’t. The “cheat sheet” is supposed to be a guess about how a PPR draft should play out. our rankings will be different than how we feel a draft will play out. Boldin wont be the 2nd WR taken, but at least one of us feels that he is the 2nd most valuable WR.

  2. Why is Frank Forte worshipped here? It is because of his sub-standard 3.9 YPC last year or because he’s nothing more than the next Lamont Jordan. What a noob.

  3. […] about the importance of getting top talent at WR early in your draft. This is what you can expect a PPR draft to look like; as you can see, wide receivers’ draft stock rises in the PPR format. By now, you all know my […]

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