Pierre Thomas Out For Opener


Saint’s beat writer Mine Triplett says that Thomas has almost zero chance of playing the season opener against the Lions. The injury (laceration) is said to be minor but will none-the-less keep Thomas out of the game. This is great news for Reggie Bush owners. And those who have an extra roster spot, Mike Bell might be worth picking up for a week or 2.


Week1: Sit or Start, AFC

Today, we are going to look at each of the games hosted by an AFC team and identify which players you should be starting, and those you should be sitting. To help you make up your own mind about match ups, check out Brad’s Strength of Schedule rankings. Lets get started. Continue reading

2009 Fantasy Football Busts

Colts Texans Football

One of the key ways to win any fantasy football league is to identify those monumental busts. Avoiding them is as important as securing the next break out stud. Each year there are always several over-hyped, half-year wonders; identify them, avoid them. One of my main strategies is to never take a player with one of my first three picks that I feel isn’t a ‘sure-thing’. This year, I have identified a list of 5 players that are being taken in the first 3 or 4 rounds that I feel are going too high and could turn out to pay zero dividends compared to their ADP. Who will be this year’s Joseph Addai or Ryan Grant? Lets find out…

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Broncos looking for Harris + 1st round pick for Marshall

marshallA source within the Denver front office says that the Broncos would be willing to part with top wide out Brandon Marshall if the Jets were to give up ILB David Harris plus a 2010 first round pick. (rotoworld)

Fantasy Football Draft Strategies

Top 10 PPR Draft Strategies for 2009

Every year I gather with some old high school buddies to do our annual PPR draft, often titled “Mashin”, and every year I come out of the draft with exactly who I wanted, no matter what my draft position, because I have a set strategy going into the night. We have completed four seasons in this league, seldom changing any managers, and I have finished 2nd, 1st, 1st, and 2nd, respectively. We start 2 QB, 4 WR, 2 RB, 1 flex, 1 TE, 1 K, and 6 IDP in this PPR league. I have decided to go against my better judgment and make my top 10 strategies for 2009 known publicly. Lets get started.

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PPR Player Rankings: Running Back

Ranks:  QB RB WR TE

Nothing is more the standard of fantasy football than the stud running back. Each year the top RBs will be taken before the best of any position and that will likely never change. No position has more fluctuation at the top all the adrian-petersonway through the bottom. Everyone’s QB/WR/TE rankings will be at least somewhat similar, but RB will usually have some differentiation, even #1. However, the top running back this year should be the same on every board…

1) Adrian Peterson, Min

2) Matt Forte, Chi

3) Maurice Jones-Drew Continue reading